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Falconwood - Privacy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Privacy policy and Cookies

Privacy policy
We follw the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure the personal information you provide is
treated confidentially.
If you place an order, we ask you for a number of necessary personal details to correctly process your order.
In addition, we need this data for correct business operations. We will always handle the personal details
provided by you with the greatest care and confidentiality. Below we explain which personal data we use and
how we use it.

Personal data
If you place an order, we ask you for the following personal data, which are necessary to fulfill your order:

Name, address and - if applicable - the (delivery) address.
E-mail address
Telephone number (only if you enter this)
Data that you enter yourself in the open field, under comments.

What is your personal data used for
We only process your personal data for the purposes for which you have provided them:
The correct handling of your order and to keep you informed about the progress of your order
For an adequate management for us (think for example of a correct invoicing, linking your payment to an
order and addressing your package)

Provision to third parties
We never forward the personal data you provide to third parties. We only do this when this is really necessary
to handle your order properly.
For example, when shipping your order, we can pass on your Name and address or delivery address to the
We use a third party for payments.

When your data is actually provided to third parties, we (with an agreement) ensure that your data is not used
for other purposes. Your data will also have to be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed.

Furthermore, we will never provide the information you provide to other parties, unless this is legally required
or permitted, like a request from the Department of Justice. We are then legally obliged to cooperate with this.

Secure online shipping of your order
Your order will be sent encrypted to us via our secure https: // connection and stored securely.

Our web host
Our webshop runs on a secure server in a secure data center. From our web host we have received a
processor agreement that clearly states that they do everything to keep our web store safe. In the unlikely
event that our web host performs work in our web shop, the processing agreement stipulates that any privacy
sensitive information is safe and that nothing is done with it.

Internet sites of third parties
Our website contains links to websites of third parties. Although these websites have been selected with care,
we do not have any responsibility with regard to these third parties and the way in which they handle personal

Save, delete or change your personal data
We do not store your personal data longer than legally required.

When requesting deletion of your data, you have to take into account that we have a statutory retention
obligation for our administration and that data in our administration can only be deleted after the retention
period has expired.

If we can not respond to your request, we will always tell you why. However, you can rest assured that we do
not store your data longer than necessary in accordance with the statutory regulations.

Please note: in connection with the confidentiality of personal data, these - in order to prevent your data from
ending up unauthorized - are only sent to the address known to us. We may ask you to identify yourself with
your ID or passport. You are allowed to hide your BSN number and / or passport number.

Questions or complaints?
Do you have questions about our privacy policy or do you disagree with the way we handle your personal
data? Contact us.
If we do not come together with you, you can contact the Authority for personal data

Customize privacy policy
We reserve the right to change our privacy policy, but will only do so if necessary. Changes will be published
on our website.

When you visit our webshop for the first time, you will be notified that our website uses Cookies. A cookie is a
small file that is placed on your system (laptop, PC, telephone or tablet) via the secure server - where our
webshop is running. We use functional cookies and cookies for statistical purposes.
Functional cookies are - just as with most online stores - used for a correct working method of the shopping
We use cookies for statistical purposes for analyzing our website. Statistics we track are: the number of hits
on our website, the pages visited, the duration of the number of visits and where the visitors come from, via
the IP address. We keep these statistics via Google Analytics. Personal data or address data is not included in
these statistics.

If you use the various social media through our website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+),
cookies from these companies can also be placed on the system you use. Check with the relevant companies
for their cookie and privacy policy!
Disable cookies
You can prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. Consult the manual of the
relevant browser. Keep in mind that our website no longer works optimally.

Last change: 07-05-2018

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